July 2012 eNews


WILPF Brings Depleted Uranium Issue to the Annual Veterans for Peace Convention
By Isabel Macdonald, WILPF D.C. Branch

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF U.S.) will participate in the 27th Annual Convention of Veterans for Peace (VFP) which will take place Wednesday August 8 - Sunday August 12 in Miami, Florida.

Friday the 10th at 1 p.m., the WILPF-DC Branch will be screening the documentary "URANIO 238—The Pentagon´s Dirty Pool," a 28-minute documentary produced by Pablo Ortega for the San José, Costa Rica, Quaker Peace Center, for the First Latin American Conference on Uranium Weapons, Costa Rica, March 2009. Read more about the DU Small Grant in Support of Upcoming 2012 UN Resolution on Depleted Uranium here.

This year's theme "Liberating the Americas: Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean," will bring together Alice Walker, Father Roy Bourgeois, Leah Bolger, Phil Donahue, Col. Ann Wright, Camilo Mejia, Paula Kaplan, Medea Benjamin, Marleine Bastien, and many more speakers and participants in a series of workshops, films, mini-plenaries and informal discussions. Read more...

Fracking and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement

By Earth Democracy Issue Committee

This month, we focus on “Fracking” and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Free Trade Agreement—current topics that highlight corporate power and rule, and naturally converge with Corporations v Democracy and Building the Beloved Community Issue Committees. The next TPP roundtable will take place in Leesburg, VA September 6-15. As Branches, members and friends work on chosen areas for education and action, let’s realize these convergences and the potential to cross-fertilize our work. Let's also remember and celebrate that all our work builds the grassroots movement locally, nationally, and internationally needed to realize social, economic, and environmental justice leading to peace and freedom.

Earth Democracy’s mandate is broad, and so we created the four subcommittees: Human Right to Water and Health; Rights of Nature/Future Generation Guardianship; Food Democracy/Local Economy; and Climate Change/Renewable Energy. Read more...

Outrage is Not Enough

By Building the Beloved Community Issue Committee

Much has been written about the killing of Trayvon Martin last March. Since his tragic death, much more information has been revealed about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin and the “jury is still out” as to where the truth lies and what will happen to George Zimmerman. There were cries of outrage through out the media. Trayvon Martin’s death sparked a national dialogue. We do not know Trayvon Martin’s role in his death. But that does not really matter.  One more young, black man has died. We need to, once again, take this time to look at racism in our country. Read more...

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Days:

WILPF Works for a Nuclear Free Future

By DISARM!/End Wars Issue Committee

Yoko, through whom we meet the sur-viving Hibakusha in "Our Life to Live," prays by  Hiroshima's floating lanterns

Please send news and reports of Hiroshima-Nagasaki events to Carol Urner at carol.disarm@gmail.com, DISARM!/End Wars convener. Click Read more below for additional resources including the Hibakusha: Our Life to Live DVD.

This is the time to involve your city Mayor and/or City Council. Is your Mayor already one of 192 U.S. Mayors for Peace?

Check here to see if and when she/he or one of your former Mayors has enrolled your city. If yes, thank him or her publicly and invite participation in your events. If not, it is time to enlist him or her now!

Share with your community and elected officials the resolution calling for nuclear weapons abolition by 2020 passed unanimously by U.S. Mayors June 16 at their 80th National Convention this year in Orlando Florida. Read more...


No More New or Relicensed Nuclear Power Plants 

Convert to Renewables Now!


Nuclear Power Cluster, DISARM!/End Wars Issue Committee

The WILPF Nuclear Power Cluster Group works actively in Southeastern U.S. and New England for an end to the nuclear power industry. But first, there are much better, safer and cheaper solutions for US  and global energy needs than nuclear power, oil, natural gas or coal. Nancy Price of Earth  Democracy urges us to watch  "The Incredible Hulk" and Stanford professor Mark Jacobsen as they show us how to "Power the World."

  1. Ellen Thomas reports on the NGO summit on nuclear power in the Southeastern U.S. June 30-August 1 in Charlotte, N.C. She represented WILPF's DISARM!/End Wars Committee. Ellen reports that she has learned “the southeast is ground zero for the attempted nuclear power revival, and is becoming a nuclear waste dump for the world.” Read her full report here. If you want to join those working to end nuclear power in the USA contact Ellen Thomas et@prop1.org.
  2. WILPF DISARM Committee member Hattie Nestel is bringing Cecile Pineda, prize winning author of Devil’s Tango: How I Learned the Fukishima Step by Step to New England. WILPF member Jackie Cabasso wrote the book’s Introduction and highly recommends it, Cecile will meet with groups in four reactor communities in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Three events are organized by WILPF Branches in Boston and Cape Cod. Pineda’s book is a wake up call for all of us and a powerful plea for abandonment of nuclear power everywhere for the sake of future generations as well as our own. Read more...

An Unspoken Epidemic: Sexual Assault in the Military

By Emily G. Kaplan, WILPF U.S. Summer Program Intern

True or False: A female soldier in combat zones is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire. The answer? TRUE

On Wednesday, June 20, 2012, WILPF, U.S. co-sponsored the New York City showing of "The Invisible War," which premiered as a part of the Human Rights Watch’s annual film festival. This groundbreaking investigative documentary exposes the epidemic of rape that has long existed, shrouded in silence, in the Armed Forces. "The Invisible War" sheds light on the extent of this shameful and underreported epidemic as it investigate the larger systems and institutions which perpetuate the epidemic of rape. This documentary reveals the very real, profound personal and social consequences of this problem too often ignored.

To get tickets and find out where "The Invisible War" is playing nearest you, visit: http://invisiblewarmovie.com/findtheater.cfm.

To find out how you can make a difference and take action go to: http://www.notinvisible.org/.


Should WILPF Join Other Groups Challenging Monsanto (a survey)

By Marybeth Gardam, Chair, Corporations vs Democracy Issue Committee in Collaboration with the Food Democracy/Local Economy Subcommittee of the Earth Democracy Issue Committee

The Corporations vs Democracy Working Group and the Food Democracy/Local Economy subcommittee of the Earth Democracy Committee have prepared an informational introduction to Monsanto Corporation’s ‘crimes’ against the environment, food security, human rights and democracy.  Other national organizations have pledged to confront the giant multi-faceted corporate giant, including FOOD DEMOCRACY, NATION OF CHANGE, and MILLIONS AGAINST MONSANTO. WILPF has limited resources but this article suggests ways in which members and branches could have broad impact, even without a lot of resources. Members and branches are asked to complete this survey and return it on or before July 31, 2012. Read more...

Coming Soon from the Corporations vs Democracy Issue Commitee

By Marybeth Gardam, Chair, Corporations vs Democracy Issue Committee

Updated version of CHALLENGE CORPORATE POWER: ASSERT THE PEOPLES RIGHTS Corporate Power Study Course. This is the same time-honored well-documented course that WILPFers have used since the 1990s to wake up our communities to the long systemic pattern of corporate abuse of power. But now we've added information about Citizens United, ALEC, and Occupy. Should be ready to roll off the old website by the end of August.  

ALSO: New DVD available THE PROSECUTION OF JUDGE WAITE, an excellent production of Jim Allison's play, performed by actors in Bloomington, Indiana. "For my money the best production yet," says Marybeth Gardam, Chair of Corporations vs Democracy Issue Committee, who actually helped edit Jim's original script. Contact Jim Allison at jimtomi@earthlink.net for pricing and ordering directions.  

OR consider ordering our CvD Roadshow DVD for $12 available from mbgardam@gmail.com, 4502 Woodsonia Ct. NW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52405. Five programs all excellent for showing at WILPF meetings or for public forums. ALSO Bumper Stickers that say WANT DEMOCRACY? END CORPORATE RULE are $1 each for WILPF members and branches. Sell them for $2-$3 and make a little for your general fund!

Update on Activities of Advancing Human Rights Issue Committee

By Advancing Human Rights Issue Committee

The 1325 subcommittee of the Advancing Human Rights issues committee has completed a review of the US State Department National Action Plan for Implementation of SCR 1325. The WILPF response to the U.S. NAP appears here on the WILPF website along with a summary of the Civil Society Consultations sponsored by WILPF last fall. In additon, WILPF along with other women's organizations was represented at a Congressional Roundtable on Women, Peace and Security sponsored by Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson And Congressman Russ Carnahan. An article by Lucinda Marshall about the Roundtable was posted on June 12 at the website for the Women's Media Center.

Volunteer Candidates Sought for Board Secretary and Program Co-Chairs

By Darien De Lu, Chair, Nominating Committee

U.S. WILPF SECRETARY: The Board Secretary performs various key record-keeping tasks. She also serves as a member of the Steering Committee and other appropriate ad hoc committees. Additionally, the secretary compiles and maintains a full record of policy decisions reached by the board and ensures their appropriate disseminated within the organization.

Interested individuals should apply as soon as possible and no later than Monday, July 16, 7 pm PDT.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE CHAIR OPENINGS: Help shape and direct US WILPF program for the next two years! The deadline for receipt of applications for one of the two Program Chair board positions is Friday, July 13, 7 p.m. PDT.  These volunteer board members work closely with the National Director, Issue Committees, and other WILPFers to co-ordinate and strengthen US WILPF program. Prior experience in an Issue Committee, branch program activities, or other facets of WILPF program work is a plus.

To find out more about these positions, see the job description and application at http://wilpf.org/JoinCommittee. Applicants must have been members of WILPF for at least two years.

If you're not sure of your dues status, or if there is an error concerning your membership, please contact the Director of Operations, Ria Kulenovic, or call our office in Boston at (617) 266-0999.

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