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DISARM Issue Committee 2011:
Working Together, Making Connections, Building the Movement for a Nuclear-Free Future!

We encourage WILPF members to join this long-standing committee as we develop our 2011 plans. Contact nffchairs@wilpf.org.

General overview of our work:Nuclear Explosion
WILPF’s DISARM – Dismantle the War Economy Committee will continue to work on abolishing nuclear weapons, opposing nuclear power and missile programs. We advocate for multilateral disarmament treaties, a nuclear weapons convention and support renewable energy and keeping space for peace. Our work takes us to the UN and other international fora, as well as to Congress and local grassroots work.

To inform and guide us, we draw on the quality resources of Reaching Critical Will (RCW), one of WILPF International's New York based UN projects. We are proud of RCW -- it has been recognized by NGOs and Governments internationally for the vital role it plays in building for nuclear disarmament. RCW also facilitates NGO access to other disarmament UN work.

WILPF Disarm Issue committee also partners with many national, regional and local peace and disarmament organizations. We are honored to be a member of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA), a grouping anchored by dedicated nuclear complex watchdog groups. ANA DC Days, which will take place in Washington DC from April 3-6, 2011, provides an excellent training for lobbying and learning about current challenges and opportunities in building for a nuclear free future. Check out their website and also let nffchairs@wilpf.org know if you would like to attend. You must be a dues paying WILPF member.

Many WILPF members are engaged in initiatives to move the money from militarism and war to our communities and the common good. At this time we are not actively coordinating this nationally but it is an area of great interest to many in the Disarm committee.  

Proposition 1 is one of these initiatives.  It was developed outside of WILPF in the 1980's and is a long term project to redirect Resources from War and Nuclear Weapons  to Human and Environmental Needs. For more information, see: http://prop1.org   

For more information and slide shows on missiles and the use of space based assets for war, check out MacGregor Eddy's website at www.vandenbergwitness.org and a blog at http://vandenbergprotest-macgregor.blogspot.com.

Questions or suggestions? Contact nffchairs@wilpf.org.

Work in your own community:

City and town project: This toolkit has everything you need to pass local resolutions by your city council, aldermen or town meeting to express their support for nuclear abolition, sending a message to the Obama administration.  Find it at Massachusetts Peace Action.

Educate and lobby locally with ANA resources:  “Ending the Nuclear Threat: Protecting Our Communities and Our World” was the theme for the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA) DC Days in March 2010. The 2010 fact sheets can be used for education and local lobby work. Find them at the ANA website.

Other Resources:

 International Nuclear Weapons Abolition Day.  As we continue to press for nuclear abolition, it is fitting to protest continued testing of nuclear warhead delivery systems by our country.  
Despite President Obama’s promises in Prague to pursue a nuclear weapons free future, two ICBM test launches (with dummy warheads) were scheduled for June 2010 from Vandenberg Air Force base / Space Command near Lompoc California to Kwajalein atoll in the Marshall Islands.

For more information and slide shows on missiles and the use of space based assets for war, check out MacGregor Eddy's website at www.vandenbergwitness.org and a blog at http://vandenbergprotest-macgregor.blogspot.com

Nuclear Disarmament Day Petition A national observance of Nuclear Disarmament Day on August 6, the anniversary of the bombing of the civilian population of Hiroshima, Japan, is an initiative of the Disarm Committee.
You can sign the petition online here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/nucleardisarmamentday/  
The first statewide Nuclear Disarmament Day was observed on August 6, 2009 in Vermont.  Burlington, Vermont and New Haven, Connecticut are the first two cities to observe the day. Members of the Disarm Committee continue to lobby Congress with thousands of signatures on the petition to make August 6 a national day of remembrance as Nuclear Disarmament Day.

Contact Margaret Harrington: Margaret@English-Advantage.com for ideas and information about this campaign.

January 2010: Jean Verthein, NGO Representative for WILPF, US to the United Nations, has written an excellent report on WILPF activities at the United Nations, where WILPF has official consultive status.

To view and download this report, click here.

Here is an excerpt from that report:

"WILPFers and Friends of WILPF at UN DPI/NGO Conference, Mexico City

Nuclear disarmament strategies, military budgets and gang use of small arms stirred about 1300 attendees at the recent UN conference for NGOs. Such issue panels prepared the groundwork for the Review of the Non-Proliferation Treaty in May 6 through May 26, 2010.

The whole peace effort to back the NPT, other treaties and initiatives sprang out of the August 6 and 9 US bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

As diplomats convene on the NPT itself, side events will occur in buildings around the closed UN building under repair. Governmental disarmament agencies will track developments under the existing NPT.

NGOs and their coalitions will host thematic meetings. Torchlight parades and marches will pass through many countries and end up in New York City.

To prepare for the NPT Review in May 2010. six WILPF members participated in this process at the annual United Nations Department of Information this past fall in Mexico City on disarmament."

Past action e-alerts from DISARM.



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