February 11, 2007 Program Update

U.S. Social Forum
Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East Campaign
Save the Water Campaign
DISARM Issue Committee

U.S. Social Forum
WILPF is planning a robust presence at the U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta, June 27-July1, 2007.

Attention! All Campaigns and Committees:  submit your proposals as soon as possible since space for programs is limited and cannot be guaranteed.  Proposals are due March 1!

Submit proposals to: http://www.ussf2007.org/node/add/content_ussf_2007_session_propos
Please send duplicate proposals to Kate Zaidan at kzaidan@wilpf.org so WILPF can coordinate and publicize our work effectively.

Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East
Several branches have asked for our Visioning Project toolkit to help discuss developing a feminist, activist U.S. policy in the Middle East.  We have nearly completed toolkit materials.  Until we send it, use the Study Guide to help you.  We also encourage discussions around Jimmy Carter's book, "Peace Not Apartheid," hopefully leading to a deeper understanding of complexities in the ongoing Middle East struggle.  We encourage linking the dual
occupations: Israel over Palestine, and the U.S. over Iraq and Afghanistan.  We remind members that articles posted on the website from WCUSP reflect the views of their authors, and may not represent the views of our leadership team or of the campaign.

Save the Water Campaign
At the Save the Water Campaign launched the Great Lakes Initiative, including the initial phone calls to the WILPF branch leaders who are active in the region. We are inviting them to participate in exploratory work to gather information regarding the extent of awareness of the problems related to pollution, access to portable water etc.  Depending on the responses, we would consider organizing regional forum or conference for the region to coordinate save the water actions. We held two member and branch-wide conference calls  on Feb. 5 and 6 to include people who are interested in the campaign who have not been active with the leadership team.  There was infusion of new energy as well as exchanges of branch activities, such as our presence at the Commission on Sustainable Development, presentations in University of Maryland Baltimore County campus and more.

Read EYE on Congress Alerts on 2008 military/domestic budget. Join March 5-9 DISARM visits to Congress. Send letters re budget and/or disarm issues c/o Kate Zaiden for hand delivery. Register now for March WILPF seminar on global military spending ( Geneva), GN annual space meeting (Darmstadt), April ANA D.C. Days, May NPT Prepcom (Vienna) or June Social Forum (Atlanta).   DISARM team members observe challenges to U.S. nuclear and war policies under international law.  All details at www.disarm.wilpf.org .

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