From WILPF Philadelphia Office-Support Lee Amendment in the House to bring troops home

Are you ready for U.S. troops to stop combat operations in Iraq and start packing their bags to come home?

Are you ready for them to bring all U.S. military contractors home with them?

Are you ready for Congress to stop funding the war and occupation and tell the Pentagon that they can only spend money to bring the troops safely home?

Then Call your Representative today Tell them to support the Lee Amendment to restrict pentagon spending in Iraq to funding only the safe withdrawal of U.S. troops and contractors by the end of this year at the latest.

Call 1-888-851-1879 Ask to speak to your Representative Click here to find out who your Representative is

Sample Script:

My name is ___________________ and I live in _________ (town or city). I am calling to tell my Representative that I want him/her to support the Lee Amendment to the Supplemental Appropriations Bill to fully fund a safe withdrawal of our troops and military contractors from Iraq.

Will the Representative support this amendment?


After you make your phone call, make your protest visible by joining an antiwar event marking the beginning of the 5th year of this immoral war. We need to be in the street to make our opposition to the war loud and clear.
Find an event in your community or list your event here. <> ] Background Finally, Congress is ready to set a date to get the U.S. out of Iraq.

But too many members are willing to wait too long Under the current Democratic Leadership plan U.S. combat troops could be in Iraq through the fall of 2008, non-combat troops could be there forever!

In spite of media reports to the contrary, the leadership plan will prolong the war and more Iraqis and U.S. troops will die.

In addition to the overly-long timeline, the leadership plan has a number of grave problems, including:

- keeping U.S. troops in combat
- giving Bush too much leeway to drag out the war and send troops who are not combat ready to Iraq.

- blaming the Iraqis for problems caused by the U.S. war and occupation and commanding them to fix the problems we've caused.

- funding the 'surge' the House just voted against, and allowing Bush to 'certify' that his 'surge' is making progress.

- adding new money for waging more war in Afganistan If this leadership plan goes through ­ the war will continue with no clear end in sight for U.S. troops in Iraq.

What lies ahead?

UFPJ and other peace organizations are pushing hard to build support for the Lee Amendment. Although it has the staunch support of our allies in Congress, it faces a tough battle. So if the Lee Amendment fails, be prepared to renew our call for a NO vote on the supplemental appropriation in the coming weeks.

Additional Resources:

Join the UFPJ Legislative Action Network:

Read the text of the Lee Amendment here. [link to: ree=4&lnk=b&ItemID=980

Read the "Dear Colleague" letter signed by Lee, Woolsey, Waters, Nadler, Hinchey, and Farr:

Your calls are part of a massive initiative undertaken by several UFPJ member groups and allies.

This call-in effort is part of the huge campaign UFPJ and its member groups have organized to stop the funding of the war:

More than 1,000 activists lobbied members of Congress on January 29; The Occupation Project has organized scores of sit-ins, vigils and teach-ins in Congressional offices across the country with the participation of many UFPJ member groups; Members of the UFPJ legislative action network have organized dozens of visits to Congress over their winter recess in February and will do more in March and April.

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