From CLW-Feinstein Bill to Stop Funding Nuclear Weapons

From Council for a Livable World Stop President Bush's latest attempt to build new nuclear weapons by calling your Senators and asking them to cosponsor Sen. Diane Feinstein's (D-CA) Nuclear Policy and Posture Review Act (S. 1914). Senator Feinstein has had enough of the Bush administration's myopic refusal to recognize that building new nuclear weapons will severely undermine our efforts to stop Iran and North Korea from building nuclear weapons. Her bill will eliminate all funding for new nuclear weapons until a new president enters office in 2009, as well as mandate a much-needed review of U.S. nuclear policy. The House of Representatives has already eliminated funding for this weapon, but the Senate has not yet voted and needs to hear from steadfast opponents of new nuclear weapons like you. Call your Senators and ask them to cosponsor the Nuclear Policy and Posture Review Act (S. 1914). A world with new nuclear weapons will never make us safer. We can't permit President Bush to go forward with dangerous new nuclear plans at the 11th hour of his administration.
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