Enews February 1st 2007

Welcome to the February edition of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's E-Newsletter.

jodyWe hope you find this information useful in your work for peace and justice. We also hope you will share this e-newsletter with your friends and family who are not already WILPF members. We here in the national office of WILPF are feeling cautiously optomistic that this is the year that the War in Iraq will end. For the first time in 5 years, there are hearings going on in Congress with various resolutions to end the war. Below you will find information on HR 508. We urge you to act today! We also want to take this opportunity to say Thank You for all you are doing for peace and justice.

The "Women Challenge US Policy, Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East," [WCUSP] national campaign of WILPF invites branches to participate in our project "Women's Vision: A Feminist US Policy on the Middle East."

We are asking you to envision a bold set of policies for the United States role in the Middle East, which we will then compile into a comprehensive legislative agenda to deliver  in the fall  to Congress, the White House, and the State Department.We are inviting branches to work with like-minded local organizations to create round tables on US Policy on the Middle East and to share with us the result of their colloquia. We will provide you with a toolkit of resources to aid in this process.

East Coast: Monday, February 5, 7:00PM EST
West Coast: Tuesday, February 6, 7:00PM PST

You're invited! Join the WILPF Save the Water Campaign in a WILPF-wide strategy and networking conference call. On this call, you can, learn more about how to get involved in the WILPF Save the Water Campaign, share questions and information on local issues relevant to your community water issues, provide feedback about the Save the Water Study Guide and other campaign initiatives, shape the 2007 Save the Water campaign agenda

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It is time. The war in Iraq escalates to absurd levels of brutality, and George W. Bush, despite warnings from the U.S. Congress, military personnel, and the American public, has threatened to dispatch 20,000 more troops to Iraq. It is time that our voices are finally heard. While there has been an effort in Congress to reign in Bush and his hawks, no action will be taken without a grassroots movement of citizens demanding an end to this war. WILPF is asking our members to put the pressure on Congress and voice our support for H. R. 508 -- Bring Our Troops Home and Sovereignty of Iraq Restoration Act of 2007 [Rep. Lynn Woolsey], a comprehensive bill that would bring our troops and contractors home, fund the restoration of Iraq and stop the construction of permanent military bases. At meetings and events, have people write postcards to your representatives

On Monday, President Bush will send his budget for next year to Congress. Funding is the key to many (or most) of the issues which concern us. Watch here for an analysis of the 2008 military budget, due out in early February. (Every cent spent on the military robs from human welfare, peace and freedom). Subscribe to Val Mullen's DISARM EYE on Congress alerts to follow DISARM issues and budget on which we can act throughout the year.  Read Janet Midgley's Women and the U.S. Budget now. Study it individually and integrate it into your Branch meetings and program. Try an online book group if you cannot find time to gather together for group discussions. Order copies from WILPF at a reduced price of $9 .00.

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