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These are resources available from the WILPF branches and members. For more info on ordering, get in touch with the respective WILPF branches/members (info below).

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Bring History to Life

Celebrate women by watching the new DVD version of Most Dangerous Women. If you haven’t seen it yet, this engaging play (based on a book written by Jan Maher) recounts the history of the founding of WILPF and the many women who fought for peace and social justice. Some of the characters are well known for their labor and feminist organizing work – including such founding mothers as Crystal Eastman, Rosika Schwimmer, Emily Green Balch and Jane Addams.

It also includes such modern women as Wangari Maathai and Cindy Sheehan. WILPF’s Pittsburgh branch has performed the play numerous times. The DVD was made with a grant from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a mini-grant from WILPF. You can also plan a party on April 28th to celebrate WILPF’s birthday and show the DVD!

It’s available for a fee of $5.00. Send requests to: Marcy at or call (724) 449-6191.

Exclusive: Read our interview with author Jan Maher

From the Santa Cruz Branch

An Activist’s Songbook

“Raging and Roaring with the Santa Cruz WILPF Raging Grannies” is a compilation of 39 witty and hilarious parodies written to the tunes of well-known songs, for and by the gaggle of grandmothers who make up the Raging Grannies of Santa Cruz WILPF.
Like all the Raging Granny gaggles around the nation, these feisty women of a certain age, dressed in wildly-flowered bonnets, and aprons, are seething with indignation at the Bush Administration and all its deeds to enrich the rich and tread on the poor, its “Endless Wars,” its attacks on our environment, its policies which make the United States a disgrace around the world--and they have tuneful ways to express these feelings in a way that makes their audiences roar with laughter and nod their heads in understanding.

In a foreword to the book by Medea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink and Global Exchange, she declares, “They (the Grannies) have creativity, passion and energy that put the young ones to shame. They use their “grannydom” to cajole folks into more actively promoting peace, human rights and civil liberties.”

Edited by Jan Harwood, a co-founder of the local gaggle, the book contains dozens of photos of Grannies in action: getting arrested at the Armed Services Recruiting Center in Capitola, singing at the Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company, belting out “Oh, Dear, Where Does our Money Go?” (“We hate paying taxes, but know that we oughter; We’d gladly shell out for some clean air and water; But why should we pay for destruction and slaughter?”) on the Post Office Steps on April 15th.
The last half of the book is devoted to a brief look at ten of the hundreds of other Raging Granny Gaggles around the country and in Canada, including San Jose, Albuquerque, Tucson, Boston, and Edmonton, B.C., with photos, stories and a few choice songs from each group.

As Medea Benjamin says, this is a song book for “taking with you to vigils, demos, rallies--whatever--and sing your heart out for peace!”

The book is available to WILPF members for $12.95 for one,
2 for $24, 3 for $36. Make checks to Santa Cruz Raging Grannies at P.O. Box 61, Santa Cruz, CA 95063.

from the Washington County Branch

Children Pay the Price of War T-shirt

Sizes available: med, large, xlarge and xxlarge

WILPF Washington County Branch
2304 SE 147th Ave
Portland, OR 97233

Or order at phone: 503-760-3792




From the Illinois Branch

mardi gras beadsThe plastic Peace Sign beads (Mardi Gras style, 33”) are from the Windy City Novelties Chemical Light Inc.

595 Lakeview Pkwy,
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

Phone 800-446-3200

Fax 847-680-9250

847-680-9250 then search on "peace sign bead"

Price is $2.00/dozen, or $1.50 for 30 dozen or more. Sacramento Branch’s last order was for 34 dozen, a total of $68.15, which included shipping costs, and they sent 35 dozen of the necklaces. Thanks to the San Jose branch for discovering these! They are great to have at a literature table to give away to people who participate in one of our projects, like writing a postcard.

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