Branch Mailing Winter/Spring 2006

“The only tired I was, was tired of giving in”

Rosa Parks

Hello to WILPF Branch Contacts! January 2006

Here is your copy of the winter/spring program update, also known as
the branch mailing. Thanks to all who filled out evaluations! As a result
of your comments, we in the WILPF office tried to make this mailing
a little more “user friendly”. We used plain white paper
instead of colored [for ease in photocopying], and tried to scale back
the content a bit. There is so much happening right now in WILPF, however,
that reducing the number of pages by too much was simply impossible!
So, while it may take it bit of time to read through it all, you are
certainly encouraged to do so. Please make sure to copy all or most
of the pages for your branch members as well.

If you’re curious about what is happening with the two WILPF Campaigns,
Save the Water and Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice
in the Middle East, this is your chance to read some pertinent and timely
information on the issues. The campaigns are moving forward full steam
ahead with their plans. Now is a great time to get your branch involved
in the campaigns, as new materials and resources are being developed
and “seeds of change” are beginning to take shape!

In the last branch mailing, you probably saw an application form for
the WILPF Racial Justice Fund. We received proposals for some really
tremendous projects, and we are happy to announce the awardees.

This mailing is interactive! In order to facilitate networking and resource
sharing, there are a number of materials that we would like you to fill
out and return to the National Office. Please send us your Save the
Water Questionnaires, The International Committee on Racism Questionnaire,
and the Membership Profile. Also, please take note of the “State
of WILPF” Conference Call coming in late January. This is an exciting
opportunity not to be missed!


Kate Zaidan, Program Coordinator

Of Contents: Branch Mailing, January 2006

Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East

-Leadership Team Visits Available to Branches

-Philadelphia Lobby Training Huge Success, host one in your branch

-Myths and Stereotypes: Israel and Palestine

the Water

-Spring Forward: Educations and Actions for Spring

-Rent Water Movies from WILPF!

-Bottled Water Blues

-Save the Water Questionnaire [please fill out and return!]

Human Rights

Podcast with Ethel Long Scott

Health Care is a Human Right

the Beloved Community:

Updates and Events

International Committee on Racism Questionaire [please fill out and

Corporate Power, Assert the People’s Rights

Conference a Success!

Women and Cuba:
3 Reasons Why…

The Human Toll of the US Embargo on Cuba

Racial Justice Fund Awardees

Wanted! More Names
of WILPF Twins

WILPF Wants to Know: Membership
Profile [please fill out and return!]

Resources flyer

DISARM Calendar and

News from
the Jane Addams Peace Association

WILPF Winter/Spring
Events Calendar

State of WILPF Conference Call

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