April 2007 Branch Mailing

"If we conserved our resources better, fighting over them would not then occur...so, protecting the global environment is directly related to securing peace...those of us who understand the complex concept of the environment have the burden to act. We must not tire, we must not give up, we must persist."

Wangari Maathai

Hello to WILPF Branch Contacts! April 2007

The materials in this mailing will be valuable to your work. The Save the Water Campaign has developed a pledge to Boycott Bottled Water and a petition to the United Nations to pass a binding convention on Water as a Human Right. Asking for a signature is a great way to engage passers-by in conversation and commitment, and helps to build your branch.

Save the Water is also campaigning to Stop Fast Track , the trade negotiation policy that allows trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA to slide through the White House without public oversight. Fast Track is up for renewal on June 30th, and the included postcard is the first of many tactics in this ongoing campaign. For more postcards, simply call the office.

The WCUSP campaign is gearing up for the June 10th-11th Mobilization and Lobby Day to End the Israeli Occupation in Washington, DC.

As WILPFers, we know that just and lasting peace requires a shift in priorities from military needs to human needs. To that end, two of our committees are engaged in parallel work to harmonize foreign and domestic policy agendas. We are putting women in the driver's seat to assert our voices in developing just policy.

The toolkit for A Women's Vision: An Alternative, Feminist US Policy on the Middle East is available to assist your branch in organizing a roundtable discussion group. Each branch is asked to envision a bold set of policies for the United States role in the Middle East, which we will then compile into an educational booklet and use to educate, challenge and dialogue with present and future policymakers and concerned organizations and individuals.

The Advancing Human Rights [AHR] committee is working with and through other U.S. women's organizations to develop A Women's Agenda to Prevent War. AHR is asking that WILPF members take this call to the other organizations they are active with in order to prompt focused discussion. The policy priorities of participating organizations or of local coalitions will become part of the process leading into the creation of a national Women's Agenda--a consensus document similar to the Beijing Platform for Action, but specific to the U.S.

Many of our elected leaders have yet to create policy that addresses the needs of women in the US and globally. Both of these efforts seek to amplify and unite the voices of grassroots women and create policy from the ground up.


Kate Zaidan, Program Coordinator

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