WILPF Tells US Senators to Keep Space for Peace

The U.S. has been the only nation in the world to vote NO on a United Nations resolution to Prevent an Arms Race in Outer Space (PAROS). However a PAROS treaty is our best alternative to space weaponization and war in, from and through space. Critical votes on this issue will again come before the U.N. General Assembly in November and December.

WILPF created a petition addressed to United States Senators, urging them to support the UN Resolution and to vote yes when it comes up for a vote again. 

The petition was closed to new signatures on October 24, 2008 and over 190 individuals signed it.

Please click here to view the text of the petition and see the signatures.

WILPF is in the process of distributing the petition and the signatures to our Senators.

Click here for information on preventing an arms race in space, on banning space weapons and on U.S. resistance to space law.

Click here for resources on Keep Space for Peace week and for your year round efforts to prevent wars in, from and through space. Also find background on U.S. space domination policies.

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