Time for an EXIT strategy from Afghanistan

Time for an EXIT strategy from Afghanistan
Virginia Pratt’s Thoughtful and Inspiring Letter to Senator Kerry:

Dear Senator Kerry,

I am told that we are spending 10 million a day on the War in Afghanistan. From what I can see, the money would be better spend it if were flushed down the toilet. At least it would not be lining the pockets of warlords while also causing death and destruction.

We have been in Afghanistan for over 9 years with nothing to show as a positive outcome for either us or the tortured Afghan people. The country is riddled with corruption. The infrastructure – roads, water, sewer system and electricity are close to non existent. The children, especially girls, have almost no access to education. The life expectancy is as little as 45 years old because of the poverty, the harsh conditions, and the lack of medical care. Women have only two rights - the right to pray and the right to obey their husband. Women are sold and forced into marriages at very young ages. The country is brimming over with widows, orphans, and maimed people forced to live on as little as a dollar a day. Afghanistan has been plunged into the dark ages.

The actions of our military have not been heroic. Rather, the use of drones, and night raids, have  terrorized and killed civilians. The war has resulted in at least 7 million citizen casualties, far more than 9/11. The recent reports of US military claiming bones of killed civilians as “trophies” further demonstrates the depraved outcome of our military intervention. Hardly a day goes by without reports of civilian casualties including young children and occasional wedding parties.

You, Senator Kerry, are a pivotal person in all of this, as you are head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. It is in your power to call for hearings on Afghanistan and to begin an exit strategy. Clearly, our nine years of military intervention have not worked. When faced with choices such as cutting Head Start, Food Stamp, and other vital programs why not instead do the sensible thing? Start by cutting the Defense budget and especially the War in Afghanistan. People here and there will be better off as a result.

Please respond with your plan of action.

Virginia Pratt
cc:  Senator Scott Brown
       Representative Michael Capuano

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