You’ll find information here about all the workshops WILPF is sponsoring (and some we are collaborating with) at the U.S. Social Forum. We’ve also compiled information on other workshops that may be of special interest to members. Information on the time and place for each workshop will be available later; there will also be a printed program.

  1. End the war economy! Develop an economy for peace!  [WSU-Manoogian 280 Thurs. 1-3]
    Organized by the entire WILPF Program Committee, along with the help of the Raging Grannies, discussion groups, contributions from WILPF Branches and all seven of our National issue committees. Members are welcome to get involved in this exciting workshop. 
  2. Our Democratic Right to Safe Water and Health [Cobo 02-35 Wed.10-12]
    Organized by WILPF’s Save the Water Issue Committee (with input from WILPF’s Corporations vs. Democracy Committee and Alliance for Democracy). Our emphasis is on concrete local actions we can take to protect our water from corporations allowed to discharge harmful chemicals into our water.
  3. Water Warriors Strategy Session [Cobo W2-62 Wed. 1-5] WILPF co-sponsoring this special, four-hour workshop with the People’s Water Board of Detroit. All groups and individuals interested in water rights are invited to share their stories.  WILPF will contribute information on the dangers posed by corporate personhood, privatization of the commons, and the need for the “Precautionary Principle” and local ordinances to protect us from harmful toxics now allowed into our water supplies.
Odile Hugonot Haber and Alan Haber (Ann Arbor Branch and Middle East Issue Committee) are presenting two workshops sponsored by the Megiddo Peace Project, with WILPF as the collaborating organization.
Middle East Nuclear Weapons Free Zone: We will consider history, context and possibilities that would create a Nuclear Weapon Free zone in Middle East. Carol Urner and Ellen Thomas of the WILPF DISARM! Dismantle the War Economy Committee will be on the panel.
People’s initiative for Peace Making.: The session will begin with a short video/slides on progress in peace building, including UNSCR 1325 and human rights treaties. Around a peace table: Women from different wars will examine the conflicts in their regions, such as: Congo, Palestine/Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir, Colombia, Native Americans, Detroit. We will seek out commonalities on the issues of sharing land, water, privileges, security, overcoming patriarchy and power, and developing responsibility for the life system as a whole. Noting how women and their respective communities are affected. This workshop will also discuss what forms of resistance and constructive engagement can happen.
Tapestry of the Commons vs. Corporate Plunder for Profit: Whose Rules?: [UAW 1032 Thurs. 10 -12]  WILPF member Nancy Price and Alliance for Democracy have created a workshop on corporations vs. democracy and corporate personhood with WILPF as the cooperating organization. We cannot stand by while our shared "commonwealth" is turned into private property for profit. Central questions raised in this workshop are: what is "the commons," what aspects of nature and culture creation should be part of the commons, and what principles should apply to use and sharing of "the commons." This workshop is particularly suited to teachers to explore these and many other questions. The answers hold the keys to protecting the commons of nature on which all life depends, safeguarding our human culture, and advancing community democracy and the rights of nature over corporate plunder for profit.
Cindy Domingo of the WILPF Cuba and Bolivarian Alliance Issue Committee has asked us to support two workshops by U.S. Women and Cuba Collaboration in which WILPF has long been active. WILPF is collaborating with both of the following workshops.

Why Women? Why Cuba? Building a Women’s Movement for Cuba : This two-hour workshop will have a panel of women from Cuba and those who have extensive knowledge about the Cuban revolution and the accomplishments of the Cuban women’s movement. Come discuss strategies, campaigns and work that participants can take with them to build a women’s movement and network of supporters to change U.S. policy towards the Cuban people and to lift the 51 years old U.S. blockade against Cuba.
Sisters Across Borders: Advancing U.S. Women’s rights through Global Feminism : This two-hour workshop will look at specific United Nations international human rights treaties to advance women’s rights, racial and economic justice in the U.S. and to build solidarity and sisterhood amongst women worldwide. Women from Cuba and Venezuela will speak about specific ways in which women in their own countries have utilized these tools and help us develop strategies in which women in the U.S. can transform our country’s foreign policy to one of peaceful and just relations.
Edith Bell of Pittsburgh Branch invited us to co-sponsor or collaborate with a workshop on Robotics (drones and beyond) of great interest to some in DISARM.

Challenging Robotic Empire : How do we challenge the military & socio-economic control matrix of the emerging Robotic Age? Find out and help shape an effective response. 

Click here to access over a 1,000 workshop proposals. You will find a list of “tracks” at the top. Choose one that most interests you, click on apply and scroll down to read the offerings: some tracks list as few as 30 workshops, but others are over a 100. We will find a time and place to meet as a WILPF group to report on what we’ve learned that is most pertinent to WILPF.
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