WILPF is Going to the U.S. Social Forum – Are You?

 USSF people representing at the May Day Immigration Reform Rally and March in Chicago
USSF people representing at the May Day Immigration Reform Rally and March in Chicago. Another World is Possible// Otro Mundo es Posible ussf2010.org www.chicagoradicalendar.org/

The U.S. Social Forum is part of the vital World Social Forum movement started in Brazil 10 years ago. The Social Forum helps regular citizens explore ways to end wars, promote human rights, economic justice and environmental action. About 50 WILPFers participated actively in the first U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta in 2007. They joined over 17,000 women and men of many races and backgrounds working for peace and justice. WILPFers made important connections, contributed much, and learned even more.

Join us this year, when WILPF will be sponsoring several key workshops (and supporting many others). You can also choose from over 1,000 other workshops, participate in plenary sessions, the People’s Assemblies, cultural and artistic events, and a march of thousands through central Detroit. Members can also help with WILPF tabling or participate in (and help organize) WILPF workshops.

In, addition we are cooperating with workshops supported or organized by many of our WILPF issue committees, including the Cuba and Bolivarian Alliance, Save the Water, and the Middle East committee. We are also collaborating on workshops sponsored by our peace and justice allies.

Register now, online – it’s easy!  Pay by credit card or check as instructed. To register as a WILPF member, write our complete name in the box provided: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom U.S. Section.  If you need help or are registering under another organization contact WILPF member Terry Futvoye-Micus, our Detroit WILPFer and registrar, at terfutmic@aol.com.

Stay with WILPF members in shared hotel rooms at $22 to $36 a night.

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