WILPF to GOP: You're in Hot Water over the Tea Party

One might think that the historic election of an African American president might mean we're on our way to a more equitable society in the U.S. This is far from the case. The ultra-conservative Tea Party Movement is spewing racist propaganda across the country. What started with a discussion about "fiscal responsibility" has morphed into hate speech, which is clearly anti-immigrant and racist. WILPF's Building the Beloved Community Issue Committee wants members to take a stand - let's make Republican Party leaders accountable for the Tea Party's racist messages. We've created a letter (cut and paste text below or click here for Word document) which members and branches can use as a template to send a message to the Republican Party leadership. Let them know that their lack of public statement on the actions of the Tea Party is paramount to accepting their reactionary and racist views.

Sample letter to cut and paste into your word processing program:

Dear ______________________

I am writing today with a deep concern about the “Tea Party” demonstrations, beliefs and actions. I believe in and cherish the democratic process and the privilege of free speech. Along with the privilege of free speech comes responsibility for and accountability for what is said.

I hope that you, as a leader of the Republican Party, will stand on the side of reason and respect. The signs displayed at the demonstrations are offensive, hateful and racist. To the public, this can only translate into Tea Party beliefs.  There is no room in a democracy for slander and prejudice against the President of the United States or anyone. By not speaking out against the hostility and racist hate, especially portrayed at demonstrations, you are condoning the language, behaviors and attitudes on display.

Please take a stand against these violent and racist demonstrations.


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