A Human Rights Crisis for Women in Honduras

A Human Rights Crisis for Women in Honduras Honduran Women Marching

Editor’s note: This article quotes extensively from Lisa VeneKlasen, executive director of Just Associates  which hosted the Honduran Feminists in Resistance when they came to the U.S. It was compiled by WILPF editor Theta Pavis.

Honduran women have mobilized in unprecedented numbers across the country since the coup in June against that country’s fast-growing pro-democracy movement. Their peaceful demonstrations demanding a return to constitutional order, have been met with brutal repression by the police and military working with the de facto government. Our aim is to place women’s human rights squarely on the agenda shaping U.S. policy toward Honduras.

WILPF has been joined many (including Nobel Peace Laureates Jody Williams and Rigoberta Menchu) in calling for an end to the violence against the Honduran people. In the aftermath of the coup that took place in Honduras, representatives of the Honduran Feminists in Resistance were in Washington, D.C. to testify before the Inter-American Human Rights Commission and meet with members of Congress and the State Department. They spoke of beatings, rapes, tear gas and nail-studded police batons. The situation for Honduran women constitutes a human rights crisis. You can learn more here.

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