Eye on Congress

When contacting your Representatives regarding legislation call both the local district offices and DC office. Call the Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 or toll free at (800) 839-5276

The United States Section of WILPF works in coalition with other disarmament, women's human rights, and racial and economic justice organizations to translate women's experience and vision into policies to promote peace and justice.

WILPF US legislative actions are instigated by issue committees and individuals. As a member of WILPF, if there is a piece of legislation you would like us to organize around, please email wilpf@wilpf.org.

We believe the emphasis of the federal budget should be on human needs and human security. We strongly believe the military budget needs to be slashed and the savings used to develop peaceful economic stimulus. While we are encouraged by the direction of President Obama's 2010 budget request, we remain vigilant.

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