Join End Wars/DISARM! in May for a Nuclear Free Future,

Demilitarization of the Heavens, and an End to Wars!

by Carol Urner


Peace / San Francisco

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photo by Σταρος

Give some time in May to create the better world we know is possible. At this moment, WILPF activists are engaged in End Wars/DISARM work in three different spheres. Join their action, learn more, and support:

  • Abolishing Nuclear Weapons, Eliminating Nuclear Power
  • Keeping Space for Peace
  • Ending and Preventing War

Contact to find out how you can do more to work towards total disarmament and peace. (Note: END WARS/DISARM also works on Dismantling the War Economy. Look for updates in the next Enews.)

Read and circulate the US WILPF Iran statement on Iran, Israel, peace in the Middle East and the UN proposed Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone.
Download Reaching Critical Will Tool Kit on the Iranian Nuclear Situation here. (Tool Kit includes: Briefing paper; talking points; and sample letters to the editor and political representatives.)

Download WILPF fact sheet on Middle East Free of Weapons of Mass Destruction here.


Read the WILPF NPT News in Review as WILPF Reaching Critical Will (RCW) facilitates NGO sessions at the 2012 Nuclear nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty preparatory committees and review conferences in Vienna April 30 to May 11. U.S. WILPF members Odile Hugonot-Haber (Ann Arbor, MI)  and Linda Richards (Ashland OR) are in Vienna now with RCW Program Director Ray Acheson for the meetings. We look forward to reports for action when Odile returns to the USA.

Watch WILPF's END WARS/DISARM! member Ellen Thomas on Al Jazeera World in a two part series entitled The Oracles of Pennsylvania Avenue that shares her story of a 25-year, 24/7 street vigil on the lawn of the U.S. White House to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

NUCLEAR POWER: Work to close your local nuclear power plant. WILPFers Hattie Nestel (at large), Robin Lloyd (Burlington, VT), Val Mullen (Montpelier, VT), and Francis Crowe continue to protest actively at Vermont Yankee, a GE Mark I plant like those in Fukishima. Click here to catch up on the latest action of their Shut it Down Affinity Group. The Vermont legislature, Governor, Congressional Delegation and residents insist Vermont Yankee must be shut down—but the Feds still say NO!  

Stop Nuclear Power for Profit: Pat Birnie (Tucson) has been working with Beyond Nuclear to present a resolution at the General Electric stockholders meeting April 26 calling for shut down of all GE Mark I reactors similar to those in Fukishima. Read the news release and Pat's testimony here.

DEPLETED URANIUM: Invite Friends and fellow WILPFers to view Uranio 238 sent to all Branches by Isabel MacDonald. You will also find background information there on this Washington D.C. Branch campaign to ban depleted uranium weapons, funded by a WILPF mini-grant.

(And we also work to eliminate nuclear waste, uranium mining, and dangerous levels of cancer causing radioactive isotopes in our air, soil, water and food.)


STOP Nuclear Missile Tests Now. Email President Obama to stop Minute Man III tests and stop dangerous rebuilding of both nuclear missiles an warheads. Spending $55 billion a year on “modernizing” nuclear weapons is the way to a nuclear hell, not to the Nuclear Free Future he promised to seek.

Upcoming actions include:
May 15th at 11:55 p.m.  - Vigil at the Minuteman III nuclear missile test from Vandenberg Air Force Base.
May 16th 
The $20,000,000 test firing of another Minuteman III nuclear missile will take place from Vandenberg to Kwajalein. Contact MacGregor Eddy (email  or call 831-206-5043) if you can join Vandenberg or Santa Barbara vigil or take other action. Check her blog for latest details.
May 17th at 8:30 a.m. Dan Ellsberg, David Krieger, Father Vitale, Cindy Sheehan and 9 others arraigned in Federal Court Santa Barbara for protest of ICBM test February 24.

Read all about the Drone Summit here. Conceived by Code Pink and endorsed by WILPF. Marge Van Cleef (Philadelphia) represented WILPF DISARM-END WARS  the Drone Summit: Killing and Spying by Remote Control April 28-29 in Washington D.C. Dory Loder, co-chair of the Philadelphia Branch, attended the summit as well. Look for actions suggestions and reports in upcoming Enews. View keynote speaker here.


Work for a NATO Free Future WILPF End Wars/DISARM member Joan Ecklein has been working with Joe Gerson (AFSC) organizing speakers and a WILPF workshop for the NATO Free Future counter-summit  May 18-19 in Chicago, just preceding the NATO Summit there. While heads of state confer in Chicago Irene Eckert (German WILPF) will share on  movements to rid Europe of US and NATO bases, Bruce Gagnon will report on keeping NATO out of the Pacific and Jackie Cabasso (Lifetime WILPF member) on what we can do. Ellen Thomas and Carol Urner will also be there with action suggestions.

WILPF members Pat O'Brien, Marge Van Cleef and Beth Adams are expected to join them at the NATO Free Future Summit. Pat, Marge, and Beth have been representing WILPF and END WARS/DISARM! at UNAC events and plan to be in Chicago as well for UNAC counter NATO events on May 12 and 13 and for the march to the NATO Summit on May 20.

And a final word: remember to circulate the WILPF Statement on On Iran and Support for a Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone in the Middle East. Read some of the background documents for a deeper understanding of the better alternatives to war and sanctions. 

Special thanks go to Barbara Nielsen, Odile Hugonot Haber, and Barbara Taft, who, along with myself, drafted the Iran statement with help from Jessica Alfredo and Regina Birchem. Thanks to WILPF National Director Tanya Henderson and to Theresa Stephens, WILPF web mistress, as well, and to all on the Program, Middle East and End Wars-DISARM! Issue Committees who sent comments and suggestions on the statement. 

Send any comments, suggestions or reports on action events to Carol Urner (

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