Women's Health and Plastics

Boycott Bottled Water!

Bottled Water is a Women’s Health Issue!

Bottled Water turns our most precious resource into a commodity, AND it is not as pure as corporations would have us believe! Consumers Union tested 5-gallon polycarbonate jugs and found that "eight of the ten 5-gallon polycarbonate jugs we checked leached bisphenol-A into water--from 0.5 ppb to 11 ppb. Any health effects would be most likely to occur in developing fetuses, judging from animal research."


Los Angeles Times, June 1, 2006

Bisphenol A, found in baby bottles and microwave cookware, permanently altered genes in newborn lab rats, a study finds.

By Marla Cone

Linking prostate cancer to a widespread industrial compound, scientists have found that exposure to a chemical that leaks from plastic causes genetic changes in animals' developing prostate glands that are precursors of the most common form of cancer in males.

Rejecting the toxic plague: WAR ON PLASTIC

by Jan LundbergGreenpeace - campaigning against toxic PVC

Northern Californians Against Plastic

new report: plastics additive of great toxicity: deca-BDE

Plastic as toxic trash is barely an issue with health advocates, environmentalists, and even those of us looking toward the post-petroleum world. Instead, "recycling" and future "bioplastics" distract people from keeping plastic out of their lives. As the evidence from our trashed oceans and damage to human health mounts, plastic can no longer be conveniently ignored. The days of naive trust and denial need to be put behind us, and a war on plastics declared now.

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