WILPF Members Occupied the Courts on January 20

by Marybeth Gardam




As early as November, 2011 National Move To Amend started organizing people from around the country to mark the 2nd  Anniversary of the Citizens United decision, the Supreme Court’s notorious giveaway of democracy, unleashing unlimited political contributions for corporations. Events that ranged from holding banners across busy highways to rallies outside Federal Court Houses were planned.


In the end, over 130 cities participated in the national day of action. WILPF members were well represented around the country, with rousing rallies and street theater. Not everyone who participated reported specific details of their event, but we know that Cape Cod WILPFers joined their Boston WILPF sisters at the Federal Court house for a rally in pretty cold temperatures. Mary Zepernick bundled up in layers and long underwear beneath her I MISS DEMOCRACY get-up. In Des Moines there were two events, including a FUNERAL MARCH FOR DEMOCRACY at the Rotunda of the State Capitol building on Thursday, Jan. 19th and a Rally at the Federal Building on Friday, the 20th



WILPF members also rallied outside the new Federal Courthouse in Cedar Rapids - despite a blizzard that dumped 9 inches of snow. In Pittsburgh Edith Bell spoke at the local event organized by Occupy Pittsburgh. After their rally they proceeded to a gas corporation where one of the organizers - dressed as a judge in black robes and white wig  - proclaimed; “We demand that this corporate person provide a birth certificate!” A proclamation to the same effect was also posted on the door. Pittsburg WILPFers repeated the process at the BNY Mellon building before moving on to the Federal Courthouse building. 



Finally there was a rally and street theater in front of the Old Courthouse in San Jose. Lois Fiedler provided a video at http://www.youtube.com/user/librarising777  and at 




Great work, WILPFers!  






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